Bed Bug Control Sydney

These are parasitical insects whose main source of food is blood from humans and other animals. They are named, from their preference, of living in bedding or sleeping areas. They feed on their host without being noticed mainly at night while they are sleeping. They are attracted to victims by warmth and carbon dioxide emissions.

They molt six times before they attain fertility with each molting stage necessitating a blood meal for completion. A complete cycle can take a maximum of two months. Females lay between 3 – 4 eggs in a day till death which is in nine months time.

An adult bed bug is reddish brown to light brown in color. However, after just consuming blood they may have a bright red translucent, abdomen that changes to brown and then to black as it digest its food over the course of two days. They are flat and oval shaped.

In optimum warm conditions, they feed at an interval of five to ten days but can live for as much as five months without food. They have been known to be valuable in forensic investigations as a blood meal from them can be recovered after as much as 90 days.

They mate through traumatic insemination where the male forcefully ejaculates into the body by piercing the abdomen of the female using its hypodermic like genitalia. Male bed bugs are sexually attracted to size so they will mount any bedbug as long as it is large especially after feeding when they are quite distended.