Silverfish Control Sydney

This is a beetle that can be found in four varieties. There are black carpet beetles, common carpet beetles, varied carpet beetles and furniture beetles. They can be found oval or round shapes with solid colors such as brown or black with some having patterns on their back.

They can be serious house hold pests and can cause damage to carpets, clothing, and furniture. They have been known to damage biological specimen in natural history museums such as ant collections. They are found in furry items such as woolen and fur items. They can also be found in food stuff especially in grains and cereals. They like fabric that is stained with food matter or human emissions such as feces and dandruff. They can also feed on dead animals and insects.

As adults, they are mostly found in the outdoors, and they get into human establishments by flying in when attracted to light or carried in while stuck on furniture or in flowers. An adult female can lay as much as 50 eggs and prefers to do this in dark areas close to food sources. These eggs hatch in 16 days or less based on the surrounding temperatures.

The larva stage can extend for up to three years although in the best temperatures and ample food supply it can be as short as three months. During this time, they molt numerous times always leaving their old skin behind as evidence. The adult stage can take two weeks to a few months.