Spider Control Sydney

This is usually referred to as the common black spider or the window spider and is found in New Zealand and Australia. It is mostly found in corners, around windows and doorways and in places where it can easily encounter prey. When they are outdoors these spiders are typically found in foliage such as on the barks of trees whose sap can attract prey like butterflies, beetles and bees.

They form messy webs that are funnel shaped and appear to have more than one portal at the center of which the spider spends time watching and waiting for its prey. These webs are rarely shifted and can get quite old with dust and skeletons of past prey stuck to them. When the spider comes to repair the web, they only add new silk to the old and rarely do a fresh one.

Both males and females are black to dark brown in color on the legs with a charcoal grey abdomen and light markings on their dorsal area and are robust in appearance. Males search for the females for mating and pluck their webs to attract their attention and check if the female is receptive to advances. Once mating is complete, the female stays with the eggs till they hatch, after which the young ones go off on their won.

These spiders have venomous bites but are quite timid; however, when they do bite humans, their venom may cause unpleasant reactions. These include vomiting, muscular weakness, shortness of breath and sweating among others.