Feral Animals

Feral Animal Control Sydney

This refers to a domesticated animal that has adapted the life of living in the wild. These can include dogs, cats, goats, horses and even pigs that were once domesticated but escaped into the wild. They typically become feral if they escape or are abandoned by their care takers.

Cats are the most common type of feral animal and can reproduce and form large feral cat colonies. A feral cat can become quite a pest in human habitats by attacking birds and mammals for food. They also upset garbage cans and hang around restaurants and dump sites. They multiply fast to a point it is difficult to control them, and they find it hard to survive suffering from disease and starvation. To deal with them, authorities adopt a euthanasia approach or a trap-neuter –return approach.

Goats can easily go feral and survive quite well in the wild even after lengthy domestication. They have few natural predators and so multiply fast. This threatens the survival of native wild animals that feed on unique vegetation but cannot compete with the goats for access to it.

Feral animals threaten the survival of pure breed by mating and producing hybrids which interferes with natural genetic pool of native animals which can lead to extinction of the pure breeds. This has happened in the case of the wild boar and Red Jungle fowl. Feral animals compete with domestic animals by interfering with their food and water source and even mating and interfering with the pedigree of domesticated animals.

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