Termite Control

Termite Control Sydney

Termite Control Sydney

Home owners across NSW could be forgiven when it comes to spending large amounts of money to protect their home and property from the constant threat of Termites, of which, on a national scale causes more damage than floods, fires and storms combined reported by a state building authority. Which has naturally prompted Sydney home owners taking their own precautionary measures whether it’s Termite Prevention Sydney is fast seeing an upward trend in the existing home market where 1 in 3 homes have had previous forms of Termite Damage over the life of the home.

The Problems surrounding Termites are the destructive nature in which they cause to timber structures, homes & property and can range from a minor to major rectification and repair bill depending on the severity of the damage.

About Termites

Termites have an incomplete or gradual metamorphosis from the egg to nymph to an adult which usually take between 2- 7 months and after several moults the nymph will differentiate into a worker, soldier or alates, these termite characteristics help us Identify and determine the right solution for eradication.

With over 14 years in the pest control industry we have the experience in dealing with Flea Control Sydney wide in residential and commercial settings. Using safe and effective chemical treatments along with a ‘good practice’ culture helps to build confidence with our customers. As well as ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

DIY Solution

Termite Inspection Sydney  home owners could only treat for termites long after their home is infested, and considerable damage had already been done. This has seen White Ant Control Sydney wide an overall factor over the last 2 or 3 decades which has seen an increase in the use of chemical and non – chemical forms of treatments to combat termites. And Termite Treatment Cost Sydney home owners on average between $2000 & $4000 per treatment, this is expensive and doesn’t include rectification or repair costs which in a recent study found to be 3 or 4 times the cost of the actual treatment. Though the pest industry has advanced in science and technology and developed new safer alternatives in the treatment of termites the underlying trend has always relied on Chemical or Physical barriers as the preferred method as it offers a warranty with the treatments available. And Because of Termites Sydney homes are constantly exposed to higher risk in regions which have environmental factors that lend itself to higher incidences of termite activity. Termite Pest control Sydney wide remains a critical solution in the fight to prevent termites from gaining access to homes which may be susceptible, but there is more emphasis on the reliance of a Termite Inspection Sydney home owners can uncover any activity long before it becomes a problem. In Conclusion, the future regarding Termite Control Sydney residents may have more options and alternatives available which will in turn reduce Termite Treatment Cost Sydney wide, so when it comes to Termite Prevention Sydney home owners not only have Termite Pest Control Sydney home owners can have a qualified Pest Control Company carry out a Termite Inspection Sydney wide and beyond because it’s not just about controlling Termites Sydney home owners can now be better informed about what is available to manage Termites now and in the future.

Our Solution

Pest Identification, Safe Chemical Application and a professional manner is how we characterise our technicians, and our company.

We will arrive on time and leave your home the way we found it.

It is safe for the service to be carried out while your home or during business operating hours and we are always quiet & discreet yet friendly and approachable to answer any questions.

3 reasons why people choose SS pest control

Over 14 years we have gained vast and wide ranging experience and built a reputation in our industry as the quiet achiever, our humble approach really allows our customers to speak to us about their pest issues with confidence and discretion. Here are 3 reason why you should choose SS pest control.

• 100% customer satisfaction or we refund your money back guaranteed
• We attend on time and leave your property exactly the way it was prior to the service
• We only use the safest products for people, pets and the environment

Why we are different from other pest control companies

• We are 100% fully insured, over 50% of companies in the pest control industries are not.
• Our warranties relate directly to the manufacturers products, so we don’t give unrealistic warranty periods.
• We are not in the business of changing our price when we attend a property, unless the scope of the service has changed which we will outline prior to booking.
• We stand by our money back guarantee
• We carry out thorough inspections and chemical applications as per the Australian standard.