Termite Prevention


Developing the right Termite treatment is a crucial part of managing termites for the long-term benefit of home & business property owners. When it comes to the application of chemical treatments rest assured it is the most common and widely used termite treatment in Pre construction & Post construction situations. Chemical treatments are essentially dependent upon reasonable access, as in most cases with post construction termite treatments. PMTs (Pest Management Technicians) dealing with existing structures, understand the importance of achieving total coverage especially concerning the most vulnerable areas of a building or construct, In relation to the application of a chemical treatments this method is always the most preferred as Chemical treatments provide better overall protection of a property from the onset of a potential termite infestation.

Sydney side pest control have developed a best practices approach in regards too the application of chemical treatments. That basically means we establish the most appropriate termite management treatment for each individual situation. The result is a comprehensive plan outlining the control treatment based on an initial Termite Inspection (Compulsory) to eliminate the current termite infestation. And developing a termite management treatment, which will give the home & business property owner the best possible coverage from the application of a chemical treatment based on the type of chemical recommended in each situation.


‘Best Practices Approach’ follows the
following regulatory guidelines:

1). Termite Inspection (AS 4349.3)
2). Termite Control (AS 3660.1 or AS3660.2)
3). Termite Prevention (AS 3660.1 or AS3660.2)


Recommended Chemicals for
Chemical Treatments:

1). Altriset
2). Termidor
3). Premise
4). Biflex Ultra
5). Exterra