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Fumigation Today


Diptera bourne virus like the zika have seen an increase in fumigation globally.


Fumigation Today it’s hard not to look past what happening in places like Rio with the out break of the Zika virus, in Australia the pest industry it has a long history with quarantine to help control and combat the likely hood of a Zika outbreak here, and when you look back in history not much has changed in quarantine practices. In the mid 1800’s Fumigation was used along the port sheds of Manly harbour for the regular Quarantine of passengers (mainly convicts from British or European origins) who may potentially carry disease or sickness. Fumigation has changed some what from the types of fumigants, to the type of application techniques used for the purpose of controlling disease and pests, weather entering Australian shores, or commercially treating imported products to fumigation domestically, the use of gas or solvent based chemicals are so common now days it’s amazing to follow the very origins of fumigation over the course of almost 200 years. Today we would associate the common can of aerosol or fly spray as the most basic form of fumigation, yet the most readily available. Mostly for flying insect control or drowning the largest cockroach in your home with a thick coating, aerosols have dominated the pest control landscape mainly for the ease of application and effectiveness of repellant and non repellant based sprays. As I consider the future of Fumigation, I can see more awareness in households as more people minimise their tolerance to chemical approaches to control pests, But the trusty can of baygon definitely has it’s place in the kitchen cupboard for many years to come. For more information on fumigation services, the effectiveness and safety please call Sydney Side Pest Control on 02 95800550.