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Service was great and Jeff was helpful. Have already recommended him to my son.

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Had all 3 of my properties done - will definitely call them back next year.

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Pest Inspection Sydney


Do you need a building inspected for pests? We’re experts in providing pest inspection services in Sydney.

Pest Inspection Services

Whether you’re about to purchase a house or just need a pest inspection, we can assess if your property is vulnerable to pests, or if they already exist.

Sydney Side Pest Control provides extensive pest inspections across Sydney. Our safe and effective services are thorough and affordable. If there are pests at your property, we’ll find them.

We offer Sydney residents and businesses the highest quality pest inspection services by incorporating integrated pest management and industry best practice principles. Our aim is to find pests at your property and offer cost effective solutions for removing them.

The Sydney Side Pest Control team uses the most up-to-date tools and techniques, and continues to lead the industry when it comes to pest inspections.

Why are Pest Inspections Important?

Just because you can’t see pests at your new or existing property, it doesn’t mean they’re not present.

Here are some reasons why pest inspections are important:

Pests can make their way into holes in roofs, cracks in the foundation and broken pipes or air conditioning units and damage the building’s infrastructure.

If you’re looking to rent out your property, pests can cause health issues for tenants.

Damaged done by pests can lead to expensive repair costs.

Tenants may leave bad reviews about the property, leading to reputational damage.

Damage caused by pests can lower the value of the property.

Sydney Side Pest Control’s experts will conduct thorough pest inspections, making sure that any pests are found. Contact us now to set up an inspection.

Why Choose Sydney Side Pest Control?

Sydney Side Pest Control has been providing pest management services for more than 10 years. Over this time, we’ve grown into one of the most reliable, efficient and trusted pest control businesses in Sydney. Our clients are often impressed by our professionalism, expertise, and ability to just get the job done.

Reasons to choose us:

Experienced exterminators

Trusted brands proven to be safe and effective

Moderns tools and advanced techniques

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Fully licensed and insured service

Dedicated support that’s available 7 days a week

Treatment methods that protect the environment, wildlife and safety of our technicians, customers and community

Accurate inspection and treatment reports, including site-specific documentation and auditing.

Friendly staff that understand how uncomfortable pest issues can be

Whether it’s residential or commercial pest control, we can use our advanced tools and methods to provide fast, safe and effective pest control.

Order Pest Control Services in Sydney now!

Get in touch with us and one of our friendly team members will arrange a free of charge appointment at your convenience.

Call 1300 007 772 or email


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If your looking for a professional pest control company you’ve come to the right place, it’s our business to manage pests, any pest, and we know how to manage an ant out of an ant hill, We make no qualms about it, providing the safest pest control possible for you, your pet and the environment is what we do best.