This is a medium to small ant that is brownish –black in color with yellowish – white feet. Their feet are the origin of their name as they are seen to be white footed. It measure 2.5 – 3 mm in length and has a one segmented waist. Its abdomen is divided into five segments and its antennae into 12. It has no sting and does not bite. Their small size helps them to get into structures as they can get through particularly small openings.

It can reproduce quite fast and can be found in large numbers if allowed to breed in an area. They are strongly attracted to sweet foods but can also feed on the bodies of other dead insects. They do not cause any damage to structures or house hold items, apart from getting into foods, most likely attracted by their sweetness.

They can easily be found around tree trunks as well as on shrubs with nectar or sap that they can suck. If they identify a food source, a trail of them can be seen leading from it to their habitat. In homes, they can easily be found in the bathroom or kitchen due to the presence of liquid and to access food.

Due to their breeding abilities it may be hard to contain them. Their nests can be found in the open and are rarely in structures such as houses. There are normally many nests in a single area all connected to form a large colony.