American Cockroach Control Sydney

It is the biggest species of the common cockroach and is commonly found in areas with a temperate climate. An adult is typically 4cms long and about 7 mm tall with a reddish brown body and a yellow margin on the area behind its head. It has a flat and oval body with a plate like structure covering its head.

It has long antennas that are segmented and chewing mouth parts as well as hind wings and fore wings. Immature American cockroaches only differ in as they do not have any wings. It has compound eyes and is typically active during the night, shunning daylight.

These cockroaches can fit into tight spots such as small cracks and under doors, and it is quite fast which helps it easily get out of sight. It is considered a pest and can spread disease causing bacteria and house dust containing their feces, which easily causes allergic reactions in humans. As they are typically found in basements, foundations, cracks and crevices as well as sewers it can collect a lot of germs. They also enjoy eating from decaying and fermented heaps.

They, like to live in moist areas, but if they have access to water they can still survive in dry areas. However, they do not do well in cold temperatures. They develop in three stages from egg, to nymph to adulthood and an adult cockroach can live for a maximum of one year during which it can produce as much as 150 offspring.

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American Cockroach