This is a small cockroach that can measure a maximum of 14 mm in length that is common in the United States. It is typically light brown in color and has two light colored bands across its abdomen and wings which are quite noticeable. The male has wings covering its abdomen while the female doesn’t. However the female is wider than the male.

This cockroach avoids light and mostly comes out at night. It can feed on anything and has even been known to feed on body fluids in hospitals making it a dangerous pest. Other things it feeds on include books drapes, wall paper, glue, paste and even nylon stockings. It is also pretty hazardous as it can carry disease causing bacteria on its legs into kitchens.

As compared to the German cockroach it does not require a lot of water, and for this reason it is widely distributed and is especially common in homes. However, they prefer warm and dry areas such as cabinets, closets and pantries to hide in.

Eggs are found in capsules which the female carries for a maximum of 30 hour after which it fastens the capsule in a hidden area. A female can produce as much as 14 capsules in its life time with each capsule holding about 13 eggs. The eggs develop to nymphs which become adults in a period spanning 37 – 103 days based on surrounding conditions. The female can live for up to a year in which she can produce about 600 off springs.