This is a common cockroach typically seen in restaurants, apartments and hotels. It can easily travel in by clinging to people’s clothes or baggage. If they don’t get in as adults, there is also the possibility of someone bringing in a few eggs, from which a large infestation of German cockroaches can arise. Adults are medium brown to light brown in color with two distinct stripes on the back of its head. On the other hand, young cockroaches are darker in color as compared to adults, with light stripes on their backs.

They can eat anything and stay close to areas with a good supply of food and water. Females deliver an egg capsule every four weeks which typically contains a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 eggs. To ensure the survival of its young ones it carries the capsule around till it’s time for it to hatch. The development period from hatching to sexual maturity is also remarkably short hence the young roaches are able to mate in as little as 36 days.

This cockroach is mostly nocturnal and can hide pretty well during the day. If spotted during the day, it may indicate a lack of enough food or water. Alternatively it may mean that there is a shortage of hiding places and the area is overcrowded with these pests. They require cracks that are as little as 1/32 inches for young ones to hide in. Adults can easily fit into a 3/16 inch wide crack.