This is a cockroach with a glossy body that is normally dark brown to black in color. The glossiness and darkness of its body has caused it to be called a black beetle cockroach. It is sometimes called a water bug because of its love of staying in dark and moist places. For this reason, they are often found in sewers, decaying matter, drains and damp basements. This makes them a health hazard as they can pick up and spread bacteria with the spines of their legs and the underside of their bodies as they crawl around.

In the outdoors, it can be found in mulch or under thick foliage, generally anywhere warm with high humidity and access to food. It thrives in temperatures of between 68 to 34 degrees. It is a nocturnal insect, and it’s quite hard to point out their presence in a place during the day time unless you identify their egg cases lying around.

The female frequently drops these cases around and they hatch after two months. These cases hold a maximum of 16 eggs.

The male has a body that is about an inch long while females are about 1 ¼ inch long. Both male and female are winged, although the female’s wings are quite small and non functional, located beneath its head. It has a body that is wider than the male. On the other hand, the male has a narrow body with long wings that cover most of its body and are brown in color.