Bird Lice Control Sydney

This is a chewing louse that is normally a parasite on warn blooded animals especially in birds. They feed on the feathers, blood and skin and can be distinguished from normal lice by how their mouth parts look like.

They can be found on domestic birds such as chicken and may not cause harm to them unless they are infested in large numbers. This may end up causing the bird to injure itself by over scratching. Some poultry end up losing weight or producing fewer eggs as a result of bird lice infestation.

Bird lice do not carry infectious diseases and can be divided into two. They are the chewing lice and the sucking lice. They lay their eggs in the shaft of a bird’s feathers. On hatching young ones go through a number of stages before attaining maturity.

Generally, they need their host body and cannot survive without it for more than two days. For this reason, they can be easily located close to bird habitat as such as nests or cages. To get rid of them, the first step would be to get rid of the bird sanctuary. They are not a danger to humans and can only bite them when they are handling affected birds.
Infested birds may exhibit abnormal itching although it’s hard to identify an infected feather since the lice are too small to see with the naked eye. Bird lice measure between 1/8 of an inch and an inch in length. Their color varies from white to brown to tan.

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