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These are so named because they feast on fabric material by eating clothes, carpets, fur and cotton. They eat these substances to access keratin, which is essential to their survival. They are found in different categories such as webbing cloth moths, case making cloth moths and carpet moths.

They are also referred to as small moths as they have a wing span of as little as ½ inch. They are unlike other moths because they are not attracted to light but prefer to stay in dark areas. Adults cannot eat, so these moths cause the most damage in their caterpillar or larva stage. They especially like to eat fabric that is stained or has spills on it. Alternatively they will feast on fabric with human products such as sweat or hair deposits.

A larva is cream colored and is about ½ inch in length. This stage can take between 30 – 700 days and molting occurs for a minimum of 5 – 45 times after which the caterpillar spins a cocoon around itself. When it emerges from the cocoon it is in the pupa stage for 8 – 40 days before attain adult moth status.

The eggs are laid in batches of 40 – 50 and hatch within 4 – 10 days if conditions are favorable. The females can mate and lay eggs just after emerging from their cocoons. They do not live long and can live for a maximum of 30 days. The female is poor at flying while the male is pretty good but seldom does so.

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