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Rat Control Sydney & Mice Control Sydney

Rodents or otherwise known as Mice & Rats are prolific breeders which in ideal conditions can produce a litter every 30 days, populations are more prevalent during winter but are an all year round problem that people experience with usual noises in the roof and wall cavities, to the subfloor and even visual sightings.

The Problem with Rodents are they constantly produce urination markers along trails and defecate where they feed, this bio-waste can be infectious due to organisms that are linked to deadly virus’s such as the bubonic plague, bacterial infections such as jaundice, to salmonella food poisoning and even tapeworm to name a few.

About Rats & Mice

Rats breed 4 – 6 times a year producing between 6 – 10 pups per litter, Mice breed 6-10 times a year producing between 5-6 pups per litter, so the populations can explode very quickly where conducive conditions are ideal. Their foraging and nesting habits are all factors that help us to understand that rodents are a serious pest problem.
With over 14 years in rodent pest control sydney siders can be assured we have the experience in dealing with rodent control sydney wide in residential and commercial settings. Using safe and effective chemical treatments along with a ‘good practice’ culture helps to build confidence with our customers. As well as ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

DIY Solution

DIY pest solutions for rat control Sydney or mice control Sydney are an expensive and time consuming exercise that often do not yield the results expected because of 2 very pertinent factors that are often overlooked if the control method relies on baiting. Firstly the manufacturing companies that on sell to the public are often producing inferior baits which can either contain too much toxic content and not enough attractant (which rodents will not take to because it lacks efficacy) or the bait contains too much attractant and not enough Toxic content (which in turn rodents will feed on aggressively but will not die) This can often cause pest resistance and in both cases are a complete waste of money and time. The invaluable knowledge and experience that ‘we’ have gained regarding Rodents will save you the mistake of using the wrong product.

Our Solution

Pest Identification, Safe Chemical Application and a professional manner is how we characterise our technicians, and our company.

We will arrive on time and leave your home the way we found it.

It is safe for the service to be carried out while your home or during business operating hours and we are always quiet & discreet yet friendly and approachable to answer any questions.

3 reasons why people choose SS pest control

Over 14 years we have gained vast and wide ranging experience and built a reputation in our industry as the quiet achiever, our humble approach really allows our customers to speak to us about their pest issues with confidence and discretion. Here are 3 reason why you should choose SS pest control.

• 100% customer satisfaction or we refund your money back guaranteed
• We attend on time and leave your property exactly the way it was prior to the service
• We only use the safest products for people, pets and the environment

Why we are different from other pest control companies

• We are 100% fully insured, over 50% of companies in the pest control industries are not.
• Our warranties relate directly to the manufacturers products, so we don’t give unrealistic warranty periods.
• We are not in the business of changing our price when we attend a property, unless the scope of the service has changed which we will outline prior to booking.
• We stand by our money back guarantee
• We carry out thorough inspections and chemical applications as per the Australian standard.