This is a large hairy garden spider that can grow as wide as 4 inches and up to an inch in length. Its legs can extend outwards to about 1 ½ inches. It belongs to the Lycosidae family which is a word originating from a Greek word meaning wolf from where it gets its name.

It is gray, orange- brown or black in color, a characteristic that helps it hide in gravel, sand and other debris. The male grows larger than the female who lays eggs and carries them in an egg sac on its back till they hatch.

These spiders are quite aggressive and can run extremely fast after their prey. They sleep during the day and hunt at night. It is fast, strong and has exceptional eyesight, which helps it, to prey on small insects such as crickets and other insects.

It can be quite menacing as a result of its size, speed and aggressiveness. It also has fangs that have the ability to rip into the skin should they bite a human. However, their bites are not poisonous but can be extremely painful and cause redness and swelling.

Above these fangs are their eyes, which are eight in number. The eyes are arranged in three rows with the top row consisting of two medium sized eyes, the center having the two prominent ones while the bottom has four small eyes. These eyes can reflect light back, and this makes it easy to see them at night if one has a flash light.