These spiders are named as a result of the position in which they hold their legs in pairs in an X shape. The X is said to be a St Andrews cross based on the fact that the saint was crucified on such a cross and not the conventional type of cross. It is an orb web kind of spider and typically builds attractive webs with bright decorations and zigzag ribbons through the center of the web, made of bluish white silk thread that is in the form of a cross.

Their webs are can be occupied at any time day or night and they are typically found resting with their legs matching the zigzag ribbons at the center of the web. These webs are also used as hunting tools. When a prey is caught in them, the spider quickly swathes it tight in silk to immobilize it and then delivers the fatal bite.

The males are smaller than the females who are large and can measure up to 16 millimeters in length. Females have a carapace that is silver in color and their abdomens are banded with silver, red, yellow and black colors. Below the abdomen are two longitudinal yellow stripes. On the other hand, males are brown and cream in color and can measure up to 4 millimeters in length. Their venom is not dangerous to humans, and they are not a danger unless people get startled by their size and appearance since they can appear menacing.