This is a venomous spider that is part of the Australian funnel-web spider group. It is extremely aggressive and when threatened rears up on its hind legs displaying its fangs. Its bite is serious, and if left untreated can cause injury or death in humans. There is anti venom available to treat these bites, and it is reported that one dose of it requires the spider to be milked a minimum of seventy times.

This spider has a length of between 1 and 5 cm and is dark smooth and glossy with color ranging from dark-plum to blue-black or brown. The body and legs are covered with thin hairs and the male can measure 20 mm while the female can be as large as 30 mm.

They like to live in shady damp areas in, a silk lined burrow, normally located under rocks. The burrow can be as much as 60cms with many having two entrances with trip lines used to warn them of incoming prey such as insects and lizards. Females spend most of their time in burrows while the male wanders looking for mates. The female lays a maximum of a hundred eggs in a sac, which it stores in the burrow till they hatch to spider lings.

They are attracted to water masses and are known to fall in quite often. However, they can survive immersion for up to 24 hours. They are typically active during the night staying in their burrows during the day.