This is a tropical nocturnal spider that is large and hairy and makes nests underground. Its name comes from how its constructs its nests, which are holes of 25 to 30 cm, made up of vegetation, soil and silk with a trap door that looks like a cork. This trap door is camouflaged by the soil and vegetation used to build it intertwined with silk. It is actually used as a hunting tool by the spider to capture insects for food.

The spider lays out trip lines around the door that alert it of any approaching prey and it monitor the movement through vibrations. Once the prey gets close enough to catch it, it leaps out of the burrow and grabs it. These nests are normally in groups, and they are also the location where the young are hatched and raised to maturation after which they leave and build their own nests.

There is a minimum of 120 species of the trap door spiders in the world. They typically look like tarantulas with a slight difference in the amount of hair and size as the former is much bigger.

They have short stick like glossy legs and can grow to a maximum of 1.6 inches and have a round body. They have eight eyes with two in the center and three on either side. They can be found in a black, brownish-yellow and reddish brown color, although the main color is a dull brown. They can live for five to twenty years and typically mate during humid weather.