These spiders get their name from the white tips located at the end of their stomachs and are originally from Australia. They are hunters who go out looking for their prey and do not spin a web for the purpose as some spiders are known to do. Their bites on humans can cause pain, swelling and itching with the bitten part indicating a red mark.

Females can grow to be to 18mm long while males grow to 12 mm in length. The leg span of these spiders is approximately 28 mm. The females are different from the males in that their stomachs are wider. Males are slender, with a cigar shaped body. Their bodies are reddish gray in color while their legs are dark orange brown and banded.
They live in houses and can also be found in garden areas underneath rocks and foliage as they do not build webs. In houses, they can be found in clothes or folded linen. Their prey consists of other spiders, and their favorite is the black house spider.

They normally hunt in the night and hide in dark places during the day. They lay their eggs in these dark places, and the female watches over them until they hatch. These eggs are found in flat silk capsules, and they are pink in color.

They can easily bite as they wander around homes and gardens if unexpectedly encountered by a human. They are thought to cause necrosis although there is no sufficient evidence to prove this.