Termites Sydney

This is a destructive species of termite that is mostly found in buildings made of timber. They are mainly found underground as they are a subterranean termite species. Their nests can be located in living trees or living in old tree stumps. In buildings, they can be found in walls while, in the outside, it can be found in conspicuous domed mounds.

They are 5 – 10 mm long with broad white bodies with a brown head. Colonies are made up of a queen, king, soldiers, workers and the reproductive group. They are quite aggressive, and when their habitat is attacked the soldiers rush to the broken area in droves biting and exuding white substances from pores in their heads to ward off intruders. The king mates with the queen for life and is slightly bigger than an average termite.

The queen lays as much as 2000 eggs in a day. These termites are looking for food all day every day which makes them extremely dangerous and destructive should they infest a house or structure. They feed on wood, cellulose, card board, and books and can be hugely destructive. They form underground mud tubes that help them to travel from their food source above ground to their nest. It keeps them from being in the open as they desiccate easily.

Due to a lack of competition these termites can easily establish themselves in urban areas. They feast on dead or living wood and nests can be found in the soil.