Cryptotermes Brevis

This termite only infests structural lumber, and it is known as the West Indian dry wood termite. It does not live below ground and instead inhabits the structure that it feeds on. They have short legs and move slower than the subterranean species because they live in their food and do not need to go far from their habitat to get it. They feed on cellulose from wood and have been known to attack timber in buildings. They do not need contact with the soil as do other termites.

They have chewing mouth parts that are suitable when it comes to feeding on wood. They also have well developed tarsal claws that they use to grip the wood surface they live in. They also have bead-like antennae and all apart from the reproductive cast are blind.

It is composed of three casts. The first contains the king, queen and alates who form the reproductive cast. The alates are unmated winged forms. The second cast contains the soldiers, and the third one contains the workers or immature reproductive group. The workers have the task of excavating the wood needed to feeding the colony from the wooden structure they inhabit.

These termites do not build a large colony but have separate smaller nests distributed over a wide area. Their presence can be identified by their feces, which are brown gritty pellets. It can be separated from other insect’s debris as it does not have fibers of dead insect parts.