Nasutitermes Spp

These are subterranean termites, which establish nests in multiple sites. They are also named as mound building natsute termites. Colonies are made up of a queen, a king, soldiers, workers and reproductive group of termites. These termites have the head drawn back into their mandibles. Worker termites have a more heavily built front section than the other termites and two dark areas on the top of their heads. The soldiers are small and fragile as compared to the workers termites.

These colonies have a life span of up to ten years in which time full social castes are established. The queen can lay as much as 2000 eggs in a day and lives for up to twenty years. However if, she is ill or cannot bear eggs the other members of the colony get rid of her and replace her with another reproductive queen for the sake of the continued survival of the colony.

Their nests are located on the ground and are dome shaped and are easily found on the side of posts and trees. They can cause damage to wood, in the ground or in buildings, in areas where it can easily go undetected. This includes causing damage to fences posts and wooden poles.

They are essentially hard wood eaters and can be found in hard wood framed homes, in stile batons, in roof cavities and in retaining house walls. If their habitat is disturbed, soldiers are even more aggressive than the Coptotermes spp group of termites, at protecting themselves and deterring an attacker.