These are termites normally found in living and dead debilitated trees. They can also be located in timber buried underground especially in the foundation of properties. They nest in multiple areas and their nests are hard to find as they are subterranean termites.

The colonies are composed of a queen, King, soldiers, workers and the reproductive group. First off in the creation of the colony are the minor soldiers who are followed up by the major soldiers after the nest has been established.
It uniquely has two soldier casts. The major soldiers have bulbous heads and measure 5 – 7.5 mm. The minor soldiers measure 3 – 5.5 mm with narrow heads and slender mandibles. Generally these termites have cigar shaped bodies that are white in color. They have pale to dark brown heads that are heavily sclerotised.

Their antennas are bead and as long as their heads. They have small eyes and adults don’t have wings, apart from the reproductive group, which they only use for the nuptial flight. After they mate, the king and queen get rid of their wings.

They are quite destructive second only to the Coptotermes spp species of termites. It’s hard to tell when they attack a building as they hide evidence behind fragile plastering. Excavation sites are clean, with plaster like earthen constructions, separating the termite for the main construction. To determine their presence, a thorough inspection has to be done. They build underground tunnels and shelter tubes to get to their source of food above from the colony.