Rodents and Rodenticides

Posted July 12, 2014, 11 pm


This year property owners are experiencing an unusually high amount of rodent activity inside and outside of their homes, this worrying trend seems to be backed up by the amount of enquiries we receive in relation to visual sightings and brief encounters with small mice or rats this winter. The use of rodenticides in the pest industry and in the DIY market seems to the standard approach to address this problem to control rodents, and not surprising considering the perception is that baits are an easy, hassle free approach to treating Rats and Mice. But, even as pests control company, we ask the question, “Is rodenticides really the best approach to controlling Rodents? and is it the safest method available to customers” ?.

Well, examining that question a little closer we reveal some of the pros and con’s of rodenticide use, and offers some other alternatives to this approach. Rodenticides have been used and are still a popular method to treat for rodents by Pest Companies including ours, and by DIY property owners alike.

For Pest Companies the method of baiting with rodenticides for the control of rodents is there is a lot more technical knowledge that can be applied to different situations that can drastically alter the way in which baiting can be effective in controlling rodents, and the experience is essentially what customers pay for at the end of the day.

For DIY customers, it can be a hit and miss process without understanding the nature of the beast and how baiting can be effective if you arm yourself with the knowledge of Rodent behavior and the safe application and management of rodenticide baiting.

We don’t discourage DIY consumers from using this method in controlling rodents, but be weary of the potency and efficacy in the brands available to the public, often we hear and even see situations where rodents have not been controlled because the attractiveness of the baits were not appetizing enough, this could be due to the product having a higher ratio of toxic content to attractant. The other area of concern for DIY Consumers are the safety aspects in baiting, in most cases we see baiting practices by DIY Consumers applying baits out in the open without any thought to who or what might be tempted to consume these baits, this makes them available to children who may mistaken them for sweets, as they are usually in pallet of block form, and again, non target animals can consume some generic brands that do not have a bittering agent contained in them. The use of lockable bait boxes is standard practice for most pestcontrol companies that use a ‘best practice approach’ in the method of baiting. Next time you consider purchasing Rodenticides from your local hardware store, be aware of the implications that baiting can have in the process of eliminating rodents from your property. And if all else fails, call a professional pest company to handle that rodent problem you have.

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