Termite Control


Biflex Ultra is a product used to kill off pests of all sorts. It is capable of killing off spiders, termites, cockroaches, ants and fleas.


This product can be applied to an area through a standard spray function. It uses Bifenthrin to repel termites and other pests. It can also kill off any of these pests that might already be located in a spot. It will stick into any spot that it is applied in and will keep pests from moving around in a spot, thus making it all the more useful.


Biflex Ultra has a very low level of toxicity. It is not a carcinogen and it should be safe to use for extended periods of time. It can irritate the eyes and skin in some cases but it will not cause any serious damages to the area.

In addition, it does not create any residues that could move around in the air. There is a slight smell to it though.


The warranty that FMC Australia, the makers of this product, suggests that this product can last for years after it is used. It is able to repel termites and other pests in a property for at least ten years.

The company also uses its FMC One Million Dollar Manufacturer’s Warranty to protect customers from unexpected damages. This warranty will be valid when an annual inspection is performed by an Accredited Eflex Operator and if the application is applied by a professional who is trained to use this product on the foundation of any property.


Biflex Ultra works with about 1 g of Bifenthrin for every litre of water. It also uses 4 to 11 g/L of varying solvents alongside a mostly-water solution. At least 97% of the entire solution is made with water to help even the ingredients out.