Termite Control


The Exterra termite control treatment is apart of the Exterra monitoring system which eliminates the termite colony from active points inside or around a building or property.
Establishing where termites are active (Eg. using the termatrac device) we can actively bait with (requiem bait) those areas with the same bait we use inside the monitoring system when they become active with termites. This ensures termites are controlled where they are active.


The Exterra termite monitoring system is designed to encourage termites (which maybe actively foraging close to your home) to feed inside specially designed monitoring stations which have been strategically inserted into the ground around the outside of a building.

Through regular checks of the exterra system active termites which are apart of a larger colony can be treated quickly and simply by baiting the active station. Sydney Side Pest Control can install and manage termite activity around properties & buildings using the Exterra system, we can also assess and manage other monitoring systems which have been previously installed around your home or property. We can also offer advice on a range of alternative termite prevention treatments.



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