Termite Control


Premise is a termite control that is made by Bayer for both pre-construction and post-construction procedures. It uses two different modes of action in order to kill off termites.


Premise starts by keeping termites from feeding by paralyzing their mouths so they cannot groom themselves. It then creates fungal spores into the cuticles of the termites. They will expand into the termite’s body and kill it off. The fact that the termite will not be able to groom itself to keep it off is a key part of what can do this.


Premise is made to kill off termites in all kinds of places around a home’s foundation. It is extremely harmful to water life and may be irritating to anyone’s eyes or skin. In addition, it is harmful if inhaled or swallowed but it is not expected to be totally toxic to people or most pets. Protection is required in order to keep this from being more of a problem.


Bayer has a warranty that guarantees that Premise will kill off termites and keep them out. Bayer will cover damages to a property and retreatment costs in the event that the product does not stop termites for at least seven years after it has been applied. Bayer will pay up to $1,000 in costs for a residential property and $5,000 for a commercial property. In addition, Bayer will pay half of one’s insurance claim deductible with a maximum total of $500 per property attached to it.


The active constituent is 30.5% Imidacloprid. This non-repellent constituent is able to transmit itself from one body to the next. It works on the central nervous system on termites and other small insects. However, the mortality rates on animals that are larger in size are extremely low, thus making it safe to use in most cases.