Termite Control


Termidor SC is an outdoor pesticide product that kills off termites. It can be used around any outside surface for large-scale termite infestations.


Termidor SC uses the Transfer Effect approach for its mode of action. This is where the termites that get in contact with it will end up being harmed by both ingesting the compound and by being physically harmed when getting in direct contact with it. It is used as a non-repellent, thus meaning that it will kill off insects without those insects knowing that it is in a particular spot.

In addition, Termidor SC is a slow-acting material. This means that there is a potential for a termite to carry it back into a hive without any termite knowing about this compound being in an area.


Termidor SC has a slow level of toxicity because it does not kill termites immediately. It is a very safe material to use on many surfaces. In fact, the active constituent of this product has often been used on plants and foods as a pesticide and is even used directly on the bodies of cats and dogs as a tick control product. Therefore, Termidor SC should be safe to use when using it around the outside of a home.


There are no specific warranties for this product. In addition, the makers of the product state that they cannot be held responsible for damages to a property if they occur as a result of improperly using this product.


The compound uses Fipronil as its key constituent. This is used to stop the central nervous system of an insect by blocking the transfer of ions within the area. This is made to cause muscles to become overly excited. Fipronil is used in a 9.1% concentration rate within water to keep it as effective as possible.