Termite Inspection


The Termatrac T3i detection device is designed to detect termite activity in your home. Uses the latest technology in detecting the presence of termites. The detection device wirelessly links to a PDA up to 20 meters away, which can then confirm the presence of termite activity through 3 methods of detection.




Microwave signals emitted from the device have the ability to pass through wall cavities. The termatrac T3i can penetrate through most common building materials to detect termite activity. No longer relying on evasive treatments such as drilling holes into walls to confirm whether there is or isn’t termites present in your home.


Identifying areas where moisture is present. The T3i will confirm the presence of moisture in these areas, which may indicate issues with water leaks as well as termite activity. Conducive conditions such as moisture problems can also attribute to termite entry, so it is important to identify these areas in and around the home.


The thermal sensor uses a laser to identify differences in surface temperature. As termites emit body heat, (in areas where there is moisture present) it is critical to confirm whether there is heat present, which if there weren’t would normally indicate water leak problems.

The Termatrac T3i is an incredible detection device, which is essential when customers need to know where exactly the termites are inside their home. It gives them more confidence in our level of commitment in detecting termites in and around their home or business.